What is the Difference Between a Traditional LCD TV and a LED-backlit TV?

There are so many electronic products on the market today that it is very difficult to try and understand what is going on in terms of the names and the technology behind them. An example how to delete secret benefits account of this is the LED TV or LED-backlit LCD TV, which is becoming an increasingly popular choice in terms of the TV technology market. It has become the new prized entertainment item for some households.

Most conventional LCD TVs use cold cathode fluorescent lamps or CCFLs for the backlighting. However, the LED TVs use light emitting diodes or LED as a backlight. One of the main challenges with the light emitting diode is the fact that it is too big for pixels on a television screen. So if someone tells you that the equipment is an LED TV, it is never going to be a true one and is likely to have a combination of other technology as well. The current main use of a true LED technology is for massive screens such as those that are used at sports stadiums.

Given that there is no such thing as true LED TV many manufacturers were concerned when Samsung announced the launch of its new television range. The new range is defined as LED and according to the company because there is a higher percentage of LED in the TV than in any other product on the market (the average is 40%) so they feel that it is fine to call the range LED.

The main difference that exists between the two TVs is the fact that there is a greater degree of contrast with the LED LCD TV. This is because the more extensive use of the backlighting LED means that the shadows of various images are more pronounced. This means that overall there is a much sharper resolution for the viewer.

Viewers are attracted to the LED TV because of the fact that it has a whole lot better quality for their viewing experience. But this is not the only reason. Those that are more conscious of the environment are very pleased to hear that there is a forty per cent reduction in the amount of energy that is used by these new TVs. That means that they can have a clear conscience and it is definitely a great selling point for the unit.

There are various other advantages of an LED-backlit LCD TV to compared to a traditional LCD TV, including a wider range of colors, higher refresh frequency, and an even slimmer and lighter TV.

The television has come along way and the LED TV is just the latest wave in the process. Sony started the revolution when it introduced the first LED TV and since then the technology has progressed in leaps and bounds. It is clear that we are going to see continuous advancements in this product line and there are exciting times ahead where our TVs are likely to become sharper and thinner.


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