E Syndicate Lottery – What It’s All About?


E syndicate lottery or e-lottery syndicates are online syndicates or groups that pool their money together to share any winnings. Using an online syndicate you can group with a large number of people without having to pull them all into the syndicate scheme yourself and start reaping the benefits of an increased winnings percentage.

How can an E syndicate lottery help?

Simply sign up to the e-lottery syndicate to start playing the UK national lottery now for as little as £5 for an amazing 88 lines of entries. You share the winnings with your syndicate of 49 members per syndicate group and you get the sixth ball guaranteed. Because you only need to match five numbers the chances of winning significantly improve and you can start receiving huay regular winnings from the e-lottery syndicate program.

How is the Sixth Ball guaranteed?

The e-lottery syndicate (or e syndicate lottery) can guarantee your sixth ball will always by matched because for every syndicate entry into the draw they place your five numbers into the lottery along side the numbers 1 – 49 with a different possible number for each entry. That means regardless of your five numbers, the sixth number will always be whatever you want it to be as you have each combination possible. If you match 3 of your five numbers you have actually matched 4, if you have matched 4 then it’s actually 5 and so on. The sixth number is already in the bag and is 100% guaranteed by the e-lottery syndicate.


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