Courier Business for Sale – How to Make an Advantageous Deal

Company owners depend on exit business strategies to sell their business. The reasons to sell vary greatly; the important thing is not to let them stand in the way of a good transaction.

“Courier Business for Sale” – we often read such ads in the list of classifieds business for sale  . Why do they sell it? That’s the first question that forms in one’s mind. And then… is it worth buying it?

Selling for the right reasons makes a difference

A promising business often gets sold because the owner faces serious health problems or old age and cannot continue to run it. This is the worst case scenario to advertise a business for sale. You will not have the time and the physical capacity to deal with the stress of closing a good deal, not to mention that the buyer could use the circumstances against you.

The right reasons…

You want to do something else in life – retire, move to another place etc.

Not providing your prospective buyer with a clear positive reason for selling discourages further discussions. Therefore, be prepared to answer lots of questions in that direction. You could also ask for an expert’s advice on the matter so that you know how to honestly, yet favorably, handle the situation.

Make a list with the assets of the courier business for sale:

– Vehicles
– Office space
– Furniture
– Office equipment
– Client lists
– Trademark etc.

Determining which assets you want to sell represents the starting point of any business exit strategy. If your courier business is incorporated, you should decide how you are going to sell it. The options are:

– Asset Sale which implies selling everything to the corporation except for the incorporated company itself
– Share sales where you sell everything, incorporated company included

Business valuation

Use a business valuation method to find out the price of your courier business. Valuation could be performed depending on future earnings or based on assets. The earning value approach represents the most popular business valuation method; yet, professionals who assess businesses for sale use a combination of methods while also taking into account the economic and market trends as well as the transaction amount of other similar businesses.


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