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Converting Browsing to Buying With Effective Packaging Designs

Packaging has gained paramount importance as a major influential factor in purchase decisions made by consumers. The designs of the packages often appeal to the consumer in such a way that despite numerous speculations, the product is purchased mainly due to its presentation and aesthetic appeal. If you still have second thoughts on investing in effective packaging designs, then consider this scenario. Your product is placed amongst others in a super market or grocery store and you have less than 2 seconds to grab the attention of customers who simply browse through the collection unless something interesting meets their eye. If you have a creative and appealing package design package design for your product, then the chances of gaining consumer interest increases manifold. Packaging has become an amalgamation of art and science as there is a dire need for converting browsing to buying, especially considering the stiff competition evident in the market.

Analysing the Entire Package

Looks do matter, especially in a situation when you have to grab the customer’s attention in the blink of an eye. Safety, recyclability and basic dimensional considerations are requisite for a good design. But what is the use of focusing on these things when the visual appeal lacks strength? Analyse your product and make sure that the smallest details are evaluated. If you are not able to enhance the current packaging design, then just come up with out-of-the-box solutions. Chances are that such unconventional ideas would generate better results than the competition. After all, the entire agenda behind such creative designs and extensive effort is to ensure “love-at-first-sight”. A good way to go about it is to find out the approach taken by your competitors and then just come up with something new.

You would also have to give your package / brand a name. Why not start with some really catchy and unconventional names that tickles the funny bone of the consumers? Psychologists have claimed that people tend to remember humour and weird names / incidents / occurrences much better than glossy brand names. Keep it simple, keep it relevant and voila – you have a powerful user engagement tool. However, it would be good to choose your words carefully as every tagline or statement goes a long way in connecting with the customers.

Did you know that colours have an effect on your mood? If not, then you can try out an experiment and see how different colours change your mood. This simple concept has a major impact on purchase decision. This is one of the reasons why manufacturers invest in coming up with the best colour combination that not only suits their theme / brand, but also helps in attracting customers.

Success Mantras for Effective Packaging Designs

With the colours, textual content and visual appeal taken care of, it is now time to focus on the finer nuances of packaging. The visual appeal was good enough only to gain the interest of the customer. However, additional efforts have to be applied for ensuring that the product is picked up for reviewing. This segment requires a bit of marketing expertise as the suggested modifications are aimed at ensuring the creation of connection with the customers.


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