Bulldog Potty Training Can Be Quick and Easy

Bulldog Potty Training Can Be Quick and Easy

The most important thing to do when starting to potty train your Bulldog is to have an appropriate crate for them. As a puppy, you will need a small one and as they grow buy another one for their appropriate size. Begin potty training your Bulldog early in life or as soon as you bring him into your home.

Make sure his crate is cozy with a blanket or special toy and cover it with a sheet to give it a cave feeling. This is an atmosphere your Bulldog puppy is used to and will make him feel homey or secure. If the crate is too big he will potty in one of the corners and your potty training will soon become a behavior problem. Bulldogs are sweet natured dogs and want to become your beloved companion. They are basically easy to train because they are eager to please their owner. So your potty training adventure with your Bulldog puppy should be an easy experience.

Even though Bulldogs are sweet natured dogs they still need structured and disciplined training schedules. Potty training your Bulldog puppy as soon as he arrives in your home is the best idea. You must take your puppy outside in the morning as soon as he wakes up. Praise him as soon as he does his deed outside and take him back inside. Feed your Bulldog puppy and then wait no more than ten to fifteen minutes and take him outside again. Dogs usually have to go about fifteen minutes after they eat.

When you bring him back inside have playtime with him for about thirty minutes and then back outside until he does his deed again. This time when you bring him back inside put him in his crate for a nap. This routine on a consistent basis will easily potty train your Bulldog. If he should have an accident and potty inside your house only scold him if you see him do it otherwise Isabella french bulldog scolding your Bulldog later will not help with his training.

Your experience with Bulldog potty training can be a good one if you keep in mind some of the key rules to Bulldog potty training. Remember to always praise your puppy with treats and positive reinforcement when he goes potty outside. And you must always remember to only give negative reinforcement when you actually see him potty inside. The good reinforcement must always come with the negative reinforcement for Bulldog potty training to work. A consistent feed schedule and plenty of time with your puppy also helps in the potty training experience.

It will take your puppy several weeks to catch on to this training because he is still a baby, but the supervision and consistency will work together in the end. When a puppy goes outside after he eats at the same time everyday he will automatically know what to do in a few weeks. Patience in Bulldog potty training is something each owner needs to have a lot of. Your relationship with your Bulldog is going to be a happy one, but potty training is a very long first step.

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